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Isofthorizon is a top gaming development company in UAE which specializes in developing these type of software. What goes behind making the games we all love to play. Let’s accept the fact we all like to play some kind of video game when we are free. Games are in abundance in computers, pc, smartphone or tablet.

In today’s era, everybody carries a smartphone which usually has many inbuilt games that can be played anytime anywhere with or without internet network. Sometimes it’s just sorts of an escapade from our boring routine life to an adventure in our fantasy land.

Market research shows mobile gaming is a USD 68.5 billion global business. This industry is growing at a tremendous pace.

People of all age and gender have a game for them. We can search for the game we want to play by going through a variety of game apps in our smartphones and also by seeing previews of the game there. Also, when we read the reviews of other people who have already played gives us a sense of the kind of game we are trying to upload.

Isofthorizon is a top gaming development company in UAE which specializes in developing these type of software.

A little peek on the development of these games

First, there has to be an idea about the kind of games to be made, like a racing game, a fashion game or a game to fight off enemies with the latest gadgets.

  • Who are going to be our targeted players?
  • What kind of experience and adventure would a player have in the game?
  • What are the various surprises and fun elements that could be provided to the player while playing the game?

These points are taken into account in the first phase.

As we all know, without a definite or concrete concept, no idea is going to turn into reality.

Thus, the second phase consists of concept development.

Technology, Settings, Game Mechanics, and interaction are four parts that are taken care of in this phase.

  • In technology, we look for the programming language to be used in the game and other technical details.
  • In Settings, we define the story that is to be translated throughout the game. It’s the events that take place before and after one start playing. And the other is the look and sound in the game.
  • In-game mechanics rules are set. Here the steps are described that has to be taken by the player to reach the goal and the condition to get the prize.
  • And lastly, it’s the interaction with our valued players, rather how the users interact with the game.

The third phase is developing a proof of concept

Here the appeal of the game is verified; i.e. if the targeted players like the style and appeal of the game designed by the skilled artisans. The top gaming development company in UAE have some great designers, who have experience and perfection in this field

Is the game engaging enough that can fix the players mind in the game for a long stretch?

What happens next?

Well, it’s the fourth phase when a living document of the game designing happens. This detailed document is made and edited by the developers and the designers of the game. The GDD describes the game, its players, the features and characteristics of the player. The more information about the protagonist, the more enthusiasm amongst the players.

In the next phases, while creating a game, the mechanics and designs keep on changing according to the need and ever-changing nature of game development. The functions and scenarios keep on evolving at this stage.

Now remains the testing of the game!

The moment a playable version is available, which is usually unfinished it is exposed to a small range of potential players to get their feedback.

As a game will need updates in every two to five weeks after the game has been released, If you like to have some advice or like to have consultant service, Contact our department of IT Consulting Services Which looks after the continual growth of the game.