CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

ISoftHorizon has the best CRM Software solutions. A CRM Software is a business process system in which client and customer relationship, loyalty and brand value are built through marketing strategies and activities. Our CRM is a business application which supports all the small and large enterprises organization to strengthen its customer bases and build a good customer relationship. Our CRM solutions helped many bigger and smaller companies in UAE to build clients identify, understand and focus on providing better services and building customer long term relationships. CRM software provides those functionalities that’s needed for your business and can help your business easily maintain the flow. With a fully customizable interface and built in powerful business tools, our CRM software is robust enough to improvise business processes, offer better customer service, increase revenues, reduce inefficiencies and improve customer experience. it helps in critical decisions by analyzing business processes.

CRM Benefits

  • Strong customer data base
  • Record customer details and communication
  • Customer data in one place for targeted marketing
  • Get timely and reliable insight of customer management processes and get the result
  • Filter potential customers
  • Management of leads, prospects, and customers
  • Maximize sales, generate more leads

Our CRM solutions benefits

  • Clients & Sales
  • Manage the entire sales cycle from lead generation and opportunity identification to invoicing and relationship nurturing.
  • Improve conversion.
  • Boost sales.
  • Increase loyalty.
  • Accounting of all prospects and existing customer’s preferences
  • Central database to keep of all inquiries, calls and counter parties, including contact fulfillment history
  • Tracing orders, quotes and payments (full control over the deal throughout the sales funnel) Automation of your manager’s labor. Scheduled events and assignment, including trigger notifications
  • Confidentiality and security of sensitive and customers data
  • Access from anywhere in the world using a mobile app

Module features & Management

  • Customer and contact database management
  • Contact history (emails, calls, meetings, commitments, etc.)
  • Customer contract accounting and storage
  • Automated lead collection (emails, website forms, public channels)


  • Integration with product catalogs
  • Invoicing
  • Lead and deal management
  • Comprehensive sales cycle management
  • Account management quality assurance