How to Pick the Best IT Service Company in Dubai- 7 Easy Tips

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When it comes to outsourcing some or all of the IT function, most business owners only want the best IT service company in DUBAI to lend them a hand. It is because they don’t want to compromise on the quality of work and need their IT functions to work as smoothly as possible. If you are such a business owner and you think that hiring just anyone for the business-critical function is not a smart idea, then you might want to scroll down.

Here we have mentioned some simple points that will answer the crucial question of how to pick the best IT service company in DUBAI.

  1. Location Matters

You must choose an IT services company that is based in the Dubai, UAE. The entire team or most of it should be based in the UAE so that you don’t have to worry about the time difference when connecting to the representatives of the IT company during an emergency or a crisis.

  1. Budget is Crucial

When any company thinks of outsourcing, the primary reason is cost reduction. So, the IT services company you choose should not charge high prices. It would also be smart if you choose a company that creates customized packages based on customer requirements. It would mean that you don’t pay for the services you don’t need.

  1. Delve Into Details

During the outsourcing process, you, the business owner must sit down with a representative of the IT company and delve into details about which services are offered and when and how they will be offered. Go over the points of the contract thoroughly to avoid signing a contract that’s unsuitable to your needs. Also, make sure that you know if the company will charge extra for any ad hoc services or not.

  1. Seek Quantifiable Results

You must seek the IT services company that has proven expertise and isn’t hesitant to share the portfolio and the names of previous or current clients. The company you choose should be committed to providing quantifiable results and send you regular reports regarding the progress made on several projects. The company should also be transparent about how many team members are involved in your projects and how many hours they are putting in. The quantifiable results would help you decide about the ROI of hiring the company.

  1. Ask for a Point of Contact

Before outsourcing the crucial IT function, you must request for the assistance of a dedicated account manager who will always be updated on the status of your project and will be willing to hold meetings over the phone or personally. Having one point of contact will help you communicate your ideas better and avoid the hassle of talking to a different executive every time you call.

  1. Be Clear on Payment Terms

It is highly recommended that you decide the payment structure and schedule in advance. Monthly payments work best in most cases. Make sure that you ask about potential changes in the payment terms and ensure that you know of any late fee or penalty that can be levied if there is a delay in payment from your end.

  1. Test the Customer Service

If you can, try and test the efficiency of the customer service team of the IT services company by calling them anonymously and asking technical questions. This step would help you decide how fast you can get a response and what solutions are offered. It is recommended that you choose an outsourcing partner who can provide multiple solutions to one problem and has people who can think on their feet.

Final Words

If you are looking for the best IT service company in DUBAI that can meet all of the criteria mentioned above, then the team of ISoftHorizon is worth considering. We have a reputation for serving the clients with dedication, providing affordable, and quality services while consistently delivering the results expected by the clients. Call us for a free consult!