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In Middle East competitive environment, we give your business the edge that it requires to lead your field against your competitors. We are Dubai’s located company for brand management, trust survey agency with expertise in data gathering, surveys, brand trust studies, allour services aim to link your brand your customeraccording to their needs.

offer you the market insight and analysis to gain existing and emerging market opportunities. Our range of services includes qualitative and quantitative market research/analysis, CAT, CAWI, and CAPT surveys, and feasibility studies.

IsoftHorizonserved clients from diversified industries includingEcommerce, Digital applications, real estate, retail, oil & gas, and fitness in the UAE and middle east region.

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Brand management and customer trust

Customer trust and surveys are the most insightful sources of information and your brand feedback. They help you gathering crucial data for your business so you can effectively and smartly position your brands. At IsoftHorizon, we offer you public surveys for better steering your business strategy and drive towards success against your competitors.

Welcome to IsoftHorison Market Consultancy

Isofthorizonoffers one of the market research techniques in the region. Our services startwith tried-and-tested selections (such as Ethnography and Customer Satisfaction Surveys) to the recent solutions (like Eye Tracking). With our contemporary services, we can help our customers measure brand awareness and trust and capture qualitative and quantitative insights from customer target audience.

Getting the IsoftHorizon consultancy takes you to identify the preferences of your customers and finding out their thoughts, feedback to enhance your business performance. It gives also you the required information to enhance your product and solution, adapt your marketing strategy, focus on the most trusted products and reach the best customer service satisfaction and after-sales care.

The outcome of the right understanding is for sure the sales and revenuesincrease, the best brand recognition andhigh trust of your brand and so the best business results.

Taking advantage of IsoftHorizon solutions helps you understand customers behavior!

Customer Satisfaction Survey

The foundation of our Method/Model is to improve the quality of your product and increase the overall satisfaction of your customer loyalty. The Customer Satisfaction studies can be conducted either offline or online. We can deliver real-time customer satisfaction data through our online tool. During an on-going study, data can be analyzed in real-time, 24/7 a week, which allows you to action on fly the priority areas as they arise.

Why Choose Us

  • Local and international experienced team
  • Site and remote surveys
  • Benchmark your brand against the competition
  • Innovative research and survey methods and tools
  • Multi-disciplinary market research
  • Statistics artificial intelligence data analysis and

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Meeting customer expectations and understanding their evolving needs is the main challenge that governs the future of your business. With most business high competition, serving customer and getting their trust makes your differentiation. Your product should always be competitive price-wise, with expected quality and in line with the changing market trends. What customers think of your product and service drives their interest and youinsights that your business just can’t ignore.

Sale today is just start relationship with your customer. It is then all about keeping connected with these customers. Customer Surveys are designed to achieve. Tailored to your business case, our surveys provide you insights into what people think of your brand, what they expect from it, and what other options they have from the competition. With these information, you can identify the areas to enhance theprocurement experience, assist them better, and elevate your brand to their expectations.

Example of survey

1. Product trust Survey

2. Product Benchmark Survey

3. Customer use Survey

4. People category Survey