Are You Looking for The Best PPC Agencies in The Dubai?

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Nowadays, maintaining your online presence is incredibly important, working with the Best PPC Agencies in The Dubai is important, both pulling in traffic and engaging customers. It can give you the advantage to stay one step ahead by hiring a PPC company.

We are leading ppc/google AdWords campaign agencies in

We have compiled a list of award-winning PPC agencies in the Dubai to help bring your business to the next level. Explore case studies and explore customer feedback to select the right PPC agency for you with confidence.

IsoftHorizon Information Technology

IsoftHorizon is a best digital marketing service in UAE . Founded in 2011, IsoftHorizon  we have  brilliant team of digital marketing experts which provides PPC and social media marketing services by understanding requirements and needs of our clients

IsoftHorizon  partnered with a security training agency( I dint get this) to raise traffic on site, generate leads, and increase revenue through a PPC project. A month after the project was launched by IsoftHorizon, the client’s web bookings doubled and site traffic and conversions steadily increased month after month.

What Does a PPC Agency Do?

PPC stands for pay-per-click, which is the way advertisers are paid. The advertiser pays with PPC only if their advertising receives an answer (usually a click) instead of charging for the ad to be shown.


PPC’s biggest, and probably best known, advertising platform is Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords) which drive the ads that appear above and below Google’s organic search results. Here is a screenshot of the highlighted PPC commercials with a red box and the highlighted organic results with a green box.

PPC advertisements are also available on Microsoft Advertising’s Bing search engine (formerly known as Bing Advertisements).

Usually a PPC agency can set up and run campaigns on both of these networks for you.

If you have an ecommerce website, most PPC agencies will also be able to run display campaigns on networks such as the Google Display Network and/or Google Shopping campaigns for you.

Therefore, a PPC company may usually offer social media advertising services to customers who want to run ads on LinkedInFacebook, and Twitter-although they are very often paid on a CPM basis (cost per thousand impressions) and therefore do not count exclusively as PPC ads.

Depending on the size of the agency, a single person or a combination of the above-mentioned employees could take care of your account. Either way, you will usually have a single contact point within the company, and that person may or may not be someone who manages the PPC campaign management.

Sometimes your campaigns ‘ actual day-to-day management will be handled by someone quite junior who may have only minimal experience with Google Ads and other PPC platforms. When we used to run regular PPC training campaign for new accounts.

Things to watch out when a PPC agency is selected

With so many PPC agencies to choose from, and some more ethical than others, it pays to know what things to look out for when deciding to work with an agency.

Charges for setting up

In the first month, some agencies will charge you an additional fee to cover the extra work involved in setting up your PPC campaigns. Before you sign up for anything, make sure you’re clear on this.


Don’t be afraid to ask who is actually going to manage your daily PPC campaigns. Is it going to be a seasoned PPC specialist, or is a junior PPC executive with minimal knowledge and experience taking care of your ad budget?

Minimum duration

Make sure you know what their minimum contract length is before you sign up with a PPC agency and how easily you can terminate if you are not satisfied.

Minimum ad spend

If your monthly ad spending is below a certain level, some PPC agencies (especially larger ones) may not be willing to work with you.

Ownership of the balance

A PPC company sometimes creates an account for Google Ads on your behalf. If that’s the case, check who holds the account and if you’re still going to have access to it if you’re parting with the agency.

If you’d like some free advice on whether a PPC company is your best option or if you’d be better off working with a PPC consultant or even learning how to run your own PPC, I’d be happy to talk to you.

we offer a free 15-minute PPC strategy call where the best way forward for you can be worked out.

We are looking forward to what 2020 will bring for IsoftHorizon. In the meantime, if you are interested in a free digital advertising health check, don’t hesitate to get in touch today! Phone: +971 4 446 2041