Managing a business is a hard task in itself. Moreover, the last thing in your mind is having any troubles with your website. The presence of a maintenance department in any business is very important. In this way you and your customers always stay satisfied.

Therefore, having a good annual maintenance contract is critical for any business. Describing your services along with policies gives your customers and clients valuable data that they need to have if they want to decide if their needs are met by you. Moreover, good maintenance of your website can also lead to many happy customers.

Why Annual Maintenance Contract?

Nearly each and every website should be properly maintained to fully compete in the industry. Therefore, at iSOFTHorizon, we help you in maintaining your website. We provide high-quality maintenance facilities at a very low price.

Moreover, the concept of website maintenance is not restricted to certain types of sites. This can be done on a completely established e-commerce gateway or on a static HTML website. Therefore, no matter which type of site you have, we at iSOFTHorizon can maintain it in a safe manner.

You can also get better SEO ranking with the help of good website maintenance. In addition to this, our maintenance contract can also help you in bringing more traffic to your business.

Maintenance contracts ultimately help in increasing the strength of the company on the internet. There are alot of services that are available in annual maintenance contracts. Some of our AMC services are given below :-

  • The deletions and addition of your Texts and Links
  • The additions and changes in products
  • Deleting and Adding the pictures and the videos
  • Changing the forms i.e. Deleting and adding of fields in forms
  • Changes that occur in previously designed flash
  • Deleting and adding the navigation buttons on the site
  • Deleting and adding the any web page using the an existing page

There are many more features offered in our annual maintenance contract. Moreover, the list of the jobs done by the annual maintenance contract is very long. So, our annual maintenance contracts also includes other features such as:-

  • Maintaining the summary of each and every job that is being done
  • Changes of the codes which are to be done in the website

At iSOFTHorizon, our aim is to provide you the best plan for your business, this will ensure that your site is nicely maintained at all times. This will help you in growing your business in a very fast manner. Moreover, we’ll ensure that the reputation of your company always remains positive on the internet. Moreover, our annual website maintenance contract is a very affordable solution for all your problems. This also keeps your website fresh, effective and updated.

In addition to this, we also provide different types of AMC packages that start from smaller packages for small organizations and businesses, who are in the consistent need for remote support on the monthly basis but for the less time.

However, the time of maintenance starts to increase as your package starts to get bigger. This means that we provide more care to your business or organization on a monthly basis. 

Work of Our Annual Maintenance Contract

The main objective of the annual maintenance contract is to cover all the minor updates, repairs and alterations of the website. Here are some more reasons why a website requires an annual maintenance contract:-

  • In Order to increase the traffic of the website.
  • So that your customers remain satisfied and you retain your customers.
  • The website that is not maintained in a nice manner creates questions in the minds of potential customers who are visiting your site for the first time.
  • In today’s fast moving world, a great content or a great design can become old in very less time.
  • An average lifespan of a web page is about 3 months.
  • Due to the unattractive presentation style, websites without maintenance die very easily.
  • Maintenance is needed in order to add or update certain information.
  • Good maintenance contract allows you to act on the responses of the visitors.
  • Regular maintenance also ensures that there are no problems in design and is also helpful in correction of bugs.
  • Helps in improving the design of the site on the basis of latest trends

Services that are covered by our annual maintenance package:-

  • Content Management
  • Graphic Design Support
  • Catalog Management
  • Pay Per Click Campaign Management
  • Online Marketing Campaigns
  • Email Campaigns and Newsletters Management
  • Flash Advertisements & Presentation Updates

In addition to these features our maintenance checks also include the following features and these features are:-

  • Routine Health Checks of Your Website: Routine health checks of your website includes routine checks of basic parts of website such as external and internal links, search facilities, dynamic functionality, site mapping etc.
  • Work Updates: The complete details of the time in which work will be done. Moreover, we also provide the reports of the things being done.
  • Marketing and Annual Design Report: An overview of a complete website. This includes all the things that ensures that your website is attractive, relevant and functioning in a good manner according to the latest market trends.

At iSOFTHorizon, we are one the best annual maintenance companies in the world. We provide you the high-quality website maintenance at a very affordable price. Moreover, our hotline support is there to guide you in every way possible. This makes your website more dynamic and SEO friendly.

Other than this, we at iSOFTHorizon are leaders in the area of mobile apps, web development, IT consulting, software solutions, and cyber security services. Moreover, we provide other solutions of small and large and businesses. Contact us for more details.